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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  March 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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informal poll, do you do the biscuits or the sponge cake. >> i do the sponge cake, i like the traditional. >> and chris, take it away. >> there was nothing sweet served up in the gop debate, in enact, no holding back. >> it was open season on donald trump. >> does anyone ever deserve to be attacked that way? it's trump. >> if there are people that only come down this time of year or something, maybe it will trigger someone's memory. >> we are just daying away from the anniversary of an unsolved murder and detectives are taking a new approach to find the killer. >> a child who nearly lost his fingers at school. why his teacher could be to blame.
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mockery to some hard jabs, marco rubio and donald trump butted heads again in tonight's debate and again and again. and craig, this debate is maybe still goes on, i don't know, it's supposed to wrap up soon ut it was not toned down any time, all four candidates fired up but trump and rubio fired the most. >> it's just wrapped up and you would expect rubio to throw the kitchen sink at donald trump and that combined with ted cruz goes after him made donald trump the target in this but that is really nothing new, and not different than what we have seen over the past several days. if you look for any way that donald trump may have lost ground it may have been among his supporters who want him to be firm and adamant and trump
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of visas, i has softened his stance on the issue of the wall and making mexico pay for it. here is what he said that could cost him votes. >> i have never seen a successful person who was not flexible and who didn't have a certain degree of flexibility in terms of immigration and everything else. there always has to be tug and pull and deal -- you have to be able to have some flexibility, some negotiation. and now sometimes you ask for more than you want and you negotiate down to the point. >> on the flip side, donald trump asked -- was asked how many flexibility would he have in building the wall, and he said not much and by gosh, mexico would pay for it. that is what drove his popularity last summer, and with this i think you start scoring it and it doesn't really change
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least the first three spots substantially and so i don't think that this was a grahame game changer. >> john kasich got more time in the spotlight and it really seemed that ted cruz was the one left to talk about policy with all of the bickers between trump and rubio. >> when you have so much bickering between trump and rubio i think some voters may find it off-putting and may move to one of the other two alternatives on the stage. and when i say off-putting it started with sexual inwen inuendo with rubio raising questions of size and donald trump saying there is no question of size and he guaranteed it and that degenerated to sparring.
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american voters what he did to the people who signed up for this course and it won't be just $36,000 that they loss, it's the fiewlt of future of our county. the future of our country and a generation and he is trying to conpeople con people into giving them their votes just like he conned these people. >> this is the man with the worst voting record in the senate, he doesn't vote, he is absent, and the people of florida can't stand him, he couldn't get elected dog catcher. >> because the next race is in florida and michigan and voting state. rubio is trailing in the polls and he was swinging at tump trump trying to make him down and he knows he has to make up ground in his home state.
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what have we seen about the race for dog catcher in florida. >> that is not an elected position but tump is trump is saying that rubio is unpopular in his own home state, because it was a three-way race, he did not get a substantial part of the vote but he is making the argue that rubio is behind in his own home state. >> and the biggest one of all probably came from former gop presidential nominee mitt romney, he called tump a liar, a fraud and a con man. >> he is playing the american people for suckers. he gets a free ride to the white hat. his domestic policies would lead to recession and his foreign
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less safe, he has neither the temperament of the character to be president and america would cease to be a shining city on a hill. >> romney says gop voters should nominate anyone but trump, and rubio. >> supporters here largely backing mitt romney's speech. they firmly believe that marco rubio is the right choice. tike a look at the supporters filling his new campaign office. supporters say they believe in his foreign and domestic policy and what he stands for as a candidate and they don't agree with what they are seeing from gop front runner trump. which is leading to a large dwierd divide within the gop. so will rubio supporters back trump if he indeed becomes the
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>> i'm not 100% certain how many i trust him necessarily but certainly far more than hillary clinton. >> there is a very large block that is firmly against trump. we are not go along with trump. >> his supporters know we are 100% behind him and he will probably pick up more independent and democrat votes because a lot of people cannot deal with mitt romney. >> you heard the trump supporters not backing down after romney's speech. he is also still calling marrow rubio a light-weight, something that rubio supporters strongly is it disagree with. >> changing gears now it was a dark moment during a festive time of year after david neel was driving home from the strawberry festival when i was
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and tonight the sherrif's office is releasing a new video in hopes of finding the killers. crystal, why the push now? >> with the strawberry festival starting this weekend they are hoping this video will job someone's memory about this shooting that has left them puzzles for 11 years. >> none of us was there to say good bye and he died alone, i'm sorry, i still get upset about that. >> her husband, david kneel neel was a father of two and they had a tradition every march, going to the strawberry fest strool festival to show their cattle.
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10:30 in the morning his truck ran off of the road. >> they are thinking it was a heart attack but it may be a gunshot wound. >> with only a bullet hold in the side of his door and no witnesses, detectives have had little to work with, and they are hoping that a new reenactment video of the crime may trigger someone's memory. >> will the personal involvement with the family just as a more emotional -- a more emotional attachment than -- >> the sofs is sofs sherrif's office is working with crimestoppers to circulate the video on media and social media. >> maybe they will think i was in town that week and i was coming back around the same time
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maybe this will trigger a memory. >> crimestoppers is also offering a $3,000 reward for any information leading up to an arrest in this case and they are hoping to finally bring this family some closure. >> crystal clark reporting live for us. >> the family of a first-grader in tampa says their little boy may lose part of his finger because of something that happened in his classroom and they believe it was the teach's fault. the family's attorney says the teacher slammed the 7-year-old's finger in the classroom door, and two of ths his fingers were badly hurt, one of them nearly severed. the teacher is carranza and the teacher thinks the boy was reacting to something.
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what could have gone wrong? so that feeling? i can't explain that feeling to you. >> when i saw his hand i kind of lost my cool a little bit because i didn't expect to see it that bad. >> the family is considering a lawsuit and we have tried reaching out to the teacher by phone and in person, but haven't heard back. the district said she has been at the school since 2011 and prior. >> and some are fighting those red light cameras head on. >> i have a right to face my accuser and i don't see anyone solutions. in court. >> and going back to school just got a little more expensive. why the state is scaling back its tax-free holiday.
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>> new at 11:00, a sales tax holiday that used to last more than a week has been shortened to just one weekend. the state is scaling back its back to school tax holiday to three days. during that period of time you can shop without having to pay the state sales tax but this year it's clothing that is 60 or less, last year it was more, and it won't cover computers this year. the reason for the changes? lawmakers set aside less money during this year's negotiations. >> and a bill that requires at least 10 or 12 jurors to agree on the death penalty for a convicted criminal. seven is now required, and the new law says that the penalty must be imposed by the jury rather than by a judge.
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court ruled the current law uninstitutional which delayed two scheduled executions. and while the city council and the state continue to look into the legalities of the red light cameras, drivers are still getting fined. >> yes, they are and we stopped by traffic court today where more than half a dozen people showed up to appeal their tickets. drivers say it's against state law to delegate state law, but all of the drivers who showed up today, their tickets were upheld and they were fined. >> this is generation of revenue. that's what this is about, it's about making money, but it's not right. no one, don't privatize or out-source it. >> wos most attorneys recommend if you want to fight a violation, contact a law firm.
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cameras passed its house vote because it's stalling in the senate. the city council of tampa is also considering doing away with the red light cameras and i know a lot of people think they can go to court and beat it but those folks tried it and it didn't work. >> well, a lot of places have dumped them, all right. >> and severe weather in tallahassee with a cold front that is producing snow up in philly and d.c. and still a lot of buzz. did you see the sky today? how is that for a perfect 22-degree halo, and i thought don't be shocked if you see the sun, and that's what you get. my halo forecasting was solid but the rest of the forecasting? not so good. this is from justin battles who
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this one from andrew dees, and in this case it indicates that showers and storms are on the way. if you're watching and your kid is in school up at florida state or hal tallahassee it was rough tonight with frequent lightning and heavy raip, rain. the best chance of having lightning and heavy rain and thunder is across our northern counties. as the valentine line shifts south, it will weaken with time but i expect a band of showers and thunderstorms late to want, tonight and once that goes by, the weather will improve. a number of warnings up from back to almost panama city, and tallahassee over the state line,
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to the southeast. the line continues all the way to coastal south carolina. all the way from charleston up to the grand strand, and we have white, snow on the map, d.c., philly, new york and heavy storms in cape cod, as this becomes a fast-moving nor'easter. nothing severe locally, it's a mild night and usually before a cold front arrives. you get a southwest wind in advance of the front. it's a mild night and the dewpoints are coming up a little bit, and the winds ahead of a cold front usually blow from the west and southwest, and they are visit f shifting now in tallahassee. here it is on futurecast, watch the front, as the rain weakening
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way, and the haley hines builds in, many days of sunshine and this weekend is going to be good. last weekend was but we had cold nights, this go-around much milder with 50's for lows and 70's for highs both weekend days. fair weather clouds coming in from the east. a south-southwest wind at 5. a weather pattern change is going to occur next week with a big trough along the east coast which is producing rain along the gulf coast and off the carolina coast. that big trough is going to shift, and we warm up. snowing in new york city and tonight we stay in the 60's and tomorrow after any rain ends, a great day to have lunch outside, a nice evening coming up with 70's and 80's for daytime highs. and late tonight, north of tampa
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sunshine tomorrow, but not increasing clouds -- increasing sunshine and 72. and on saturday, you will love it, you really will. room temp, 72, and lots of sunshine and by the middle of next week don't be shocked in areas inland push 85 to 90 for at the same time at the same time daytime highs. >> oh, room temperature, i love that. naish's nature's living room. >> and coming up we'll see who
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oh yea, this guy? he definitely knows. scotts bonus s. brand in the south. it' s good out here. developing tonight... >> developing tonight a local joint. david jolly has proposed a bill to ban the government buying apple products, now, this is fall-out from apple's refusal to break into an iphone that belonged to one of the california terrorists. >> the fbi wants apple to help them break into sayed faruk's apple iphone, but apple says they would have to write the software to do it and once they
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but jolly insists this is about unlocking one phone. >> when they are standing in the way of an investigation into terrorism on our soil, this is an order for apple to cooperate on a single phone to prevent the deletion of what could be three weeks of communications between the terrorists and his partners. >> jolly says if apple complies he will drop the bill that already has support in congress. >> well, new at 11:00, soccer legend brandy chastain says she is going to donate her brain for consuggestion search. and remember the star player who is now 47 -- and there is the celebration we all remember -- she says she suffered two concussions while playing soccer in college but suffered no side effects and never shied away
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occasionally did see stars. although she has shown no signs of degenerative brain disease but her contribution proposal is rare. that is because of the brains donated only seven have come from women, and she is also a supporter of a rule that keep players under 17 from heading the ball. >> let's hope it helps. and coming up more from the michigan football program. they went to img academy but it's caused a bit of a twitter
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what coach ba da ba ba ba 3
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>> michigan football coach jim harbaugh want to take his players away from big 10 country and so they came to bradenton but the move has some college coaches up in arms viewing the coach's use of the high school facility as a recruiting employ, although the ncaa says it's a-okay, but michigan football is not getting much of a break even on spring break. >> this isn't how most student athletes envision their spring break. the michigan football team gets a break from school but will wolverines are on a business trip away from the cold temperatures back home. >> you can't beat this weather, 75 and sunny, you can't beat that. >> for mason cole this is much mre than a business trip, it's a homecoming.


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